Are you looking for something fast and effective that will burn tons of fat and calories. Try Tabata training. I went to a seminar about it last fall and I love it. I used the technique in my NoLimits Cardio class this morning. Tabata training challenges you to push yourself for 20 sec. as hard as you can then break for 10 sec. This is repeated 8 times to make 4 min. then the sets are repeated for 4 sets (about 20 minutes)/.

Try these combos for a killer workout.

Set 1:

mountain climbers

side to side jumps

Set 2

side squat jumps

high knee

Set 3.


run up/down on Bosu

Set 4.

football run

high kicks

Spend about 1 minute between 4 min. sets Let your heart rate come down and grab water. Then repeat.