Starting to Feed Baby

I didn’t give Anna any solids (pureed foods) until she was 6 months old.  I breastfed her until that point and then I started introducing vegetables that I made and pureed for her.  I got a lot of ideas from the book Feeding Baby Green by Dr. Greene.  His idea is that you give the baby vegetables as their first foods so they become familiar and used to them and like them!  His way of teaching the baby to eat and enjoy green foods starts with pregnancy and continues through nursing and then feeding the baby.  I also find a lot of information from the website: Wholesome Baby Food.

6-12 Months


  • spinach – cooked and pureed
  • green beans – steamed and pureed
  • broccoli – steamed and pureed
  • peas – cooked and pureed


  • butternut squash – baked and mashed with a fork
  • carrots – boiled and pureed
  • sweet potato – cooked and pureed


  • pears – cooked and pureed with skin on
  • apples – skinned and cooked and pureed
  • prunes – I just bought organic

Whole Grains

  • Earth’s Best Organic (baby) Oatmeal

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