Things I love (equipment): 6-10 months

I think one of the hardest things to do when you are pregnant is register for baby products. You really can’t fathom what all you will need and use in the upcoming months and years and yet you are required to pick everything out! When I was registering, I relied on my family/friends’ opinions and experiences and I think they did a great job guiding me through the world of baby products! I am starting a new series about baby products but until that gets going – here are a few of my favorites as of lately.

Chicco High Chair: I didn’t know if I would like this because it’s so big and has lots of parts, but I love it! Anna is so comfortable in this chair – the tray is big, it rolls easily, the top of the tray comes off so it’s easy to clean. We use this everyday!

Kokopax Backpack: This is definitely one of my most used pieces of baby equipment. I use this multiple times a day. It’s great for using outside or inside while getting things done. Anna and I make dinner with the backpack everyday. She leans over my shoulder watching my every move and I hold things up for her to smell and taste as she watches me cook. My cousin’s daughter is 19 mo and still uses this! It’s a must have!!!

perfect for the airport too!

or the beach!

Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair: We love this chair! It lives in my car and goes everywhere with us. It’s perfect for going to friend’s houses, restaurants or when you have people at your house and need an extra high chair. It’s simple to use and feels very safe and secure!

great for playdates:

Or dinner parties are Mimi’s

Northface Snowsuit: We have used Anna’s snowsuit a ton! It’s cozy, warm and protects all of her! Plus, we love that she looks like a little marshmallow in it!

Baby Jogger with carseat adapter: If the sun is out (or really if it’s above 30*) I use my jogger. Anna loves it and so do I! The large wheels make it great for running on our sidewalks and it’s easy to steer and push. Anna is big enough now to face forward without the car seat, but then I won’t be able to look at her so I’m holding out on switching it.

Snap and Go stroller: I didn’t register for this because I got the Chicco Travel system that went with my car seat (which is great!) but I ended up buying this too. When Anna was 4 weeks old, we went to Florida for my cousin’s wedding and I didn’t want to mess up my new stroller when I gate checked it, so I got the Snap and Go. We have since used it on all 4 of our flights with Anna and much more. It’s really light and easy to use, plus it has a great spot for your purse or diaper bag. If you travel often, I would get this!

1 month old and ready to fly

10 months old and ready to party! (We don’t really push her around like this – we were just playing)