Year 1 in Food for Anna

When thinking about how we were going to feed Anna, I did some research. I consulted friends and family and also different websites. I also read and used the book Feeding Baby Green, whose ideas and principals I love.

0-6 months:
I nursed Anna exclusively. This was not easy at the beginning but I am glad I stuck with it. I used a pump to make bottles for Brady or others to feed Anna, as well. If you have any questions about nursing, email me!
6-9 months:
Anna ate her first real foods in puree form. She started with veggies (peas, green beans, sweet potato, carrots and broccoli – steamed and pureed). Then I introduced baby oatmeal to her. I often mixed her veggies with oatmeal. Shortly after veggies, I gave Anna pureed fruits like applesauce and pear sauce that I made. Throughout this pureed foods stage, I nursed her about 6-7 times a day/night. More info:
Pureed Spinach:
9 -12 months:

At this point (9 mos) I gave Anna soft “chunky” foods to chew mixed in with her pureed foods. She has had 8 teeth for a while so she is able to chew!! Now that she is 12 mos. I try to give her most of what we were having for dinner but have stayed away from meat, salt, pepper, sugar and spicy things. Anna loves “adult” foods. Some of her favorites right now are: black beans (still), salmon, tilapia, tofu, broccoli, banana bread, grilled veggie quinoa, pizza, and any kind of fruit.
Common foods to stay away from feeding babies under the age of one are: egg whites, peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, honey and shellfish. Just this week we gave Anna peanut butter and an egg. So far she has been ok handling them, so I am relieved! I eat about a jar of PB a week, so I’m not sure what I would do if she couldn’t have it.

She loves the world of adult food!

Especially, birthday cake! I made her birthday cake with yogurt instead of oil. For the frosting, I made traditional buttercream with real food ingredients: butter, sugar, vanilla and milk.
Do you think she liked it?