Workout Motivation

  1. Put on your workout clothes: This is a very common tip, but it is a good one! Lots of times the biggest battle is getting changed or dressed to go workout. If you put the clothes on, you are very likely to go!
  2. Think about your day: Picture yourself running errands or going to work. Are you going to be mad that you didn’t workout all day long? If you know you are going to think about it and regret it later in the day, then just go. I always picture myself before dinner when it is 85* and the sun is shining. I am NOT going to want to go then, so I might as well go.
  3. Bring entertainment: Load your ipod with new songs or old songs you used to like. Sing and relax while you move! This is good for your mind, too!
  4. Play the phone game: I play a game with myself lots of days. I tell myself I have to run until someone calls me – then I get to walk and talk! This works great! I hope someone will call me throughout the whole run and if no one has, then I have finished my run!! If someone does, then I’m out walking while talking. It’s a win-win situation! (Sometimes I call everyone I can think of before I run and hope that they return my call while I am running. 🙂 )
  5. Set a distance then pass it: I do this a lot too. For example this morning I did this. I told myself that I would just do an easy run-walk for the 3 mile loop near our house. When I got the spot to turn, I decided I could keep going and do the 5 miles this morning! I think by telling yourself you just need to do a little you can get motivated to go, then once you start it is not hard to keep going!
  6. Stick to the schedule: I have certain times that I can run/workout that fit with Anna’s schedule, if I miss the window of time – I know I won’t be able to go again later. By sticking to the schedule I force myself to go!
  7. Go in the A.M: The morning is my favorite time because I have a lot of energy, I just enjoyed some coffee and the whole day is ahead of me. If you can plan your workouts for the morning you are most likely to go because there isn’t as much that can happen to hinder your plans or change your mind. Also, you feel better all day!
  8. * Mom Tip: Bring your kids: Anna is not even 3 months old and I already very familiar with “mom guilt”. When I bring Anna I think about how she likes to be outside and the fresh air is good for her. Then I am motivated to take her because it is good for her as well as for me!