As a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, certified personal trainer and  group fitness instructor, I am excited to help you meet your goals for healthy living.  I want to help you build the skills you need to live a healthy life.   I can can provide you with the tools and lessons to do it on your own!

Nutrition Coaching

I would be happy to sit down with you and go over what you are currently eating and cooking.  We could discuss how you prepare your foods and plan your meals.  I could evaluate ways you could change and improve your health and fit healthy cooking and living into your lifestyle.

Personal Training/Fitness Routines/Boot Camp

I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  I am currently teaching a fitness bootcamp in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as numerous other fitness classes including circuit classes, interval classes, spinning classes and more.   If are interested in attending or looking for help designing your fitness routine, please email me!  If you are looking for a workout plan or some new ideas to challenge your body, I would be happy to design a plan for you!

Please contact me for more information and how to get started!  I am excited to work with you on living a fun and healthy life!