Things I Love 0-3 months

Things I Love: 0-3 months

I can hardly believe that Anna is already 3 months old.

She went from this (a picture we took at the hospital…)


To this in NO time!


There are already clothes we have grown out of. (I realize that I said we when really I meant she. I now understand why moms do that. I feel like I have grown out of her newborn clothes too, right along with her. :) ) There are new toys we are now discovering, including her own hands – her favorite toy for the moment. And there are things we can no longer use.

To remind myself and others who are interested, I have made a post about what I really liked to use with my newborn. These are things that I would recommend because they worked for us. I am not sure if they will work for anyone else, but they worked well for us!

Moses Basket: This was a great bed for Anna for our downstairs. I could move her anywhere I wanted in it while she was sleeping and she was cozy and comfortable. I also took it to my parents to use as her bed while we were there. I liked how I could keep it next to my bed.


Little Lamby (Fisher Price): I LOVED THIS! I still do! Although Anna is getting a little long for it, she loves it. It is so soft and cozy and vibrates and plays music. This is another thing I would move around the house with me. She could easily go from the shower to the deck in the this.

0 months old:


3 months old:


Baby Gym: Anna loves to kick and grab at these little “friends” as I call them. She can look at them and study how they spin. This mat gets more exciting to her each day! It’s also a great spot for tummy time!


Bassinet for next to our bed: This worked perfectly for us. A friend gave it to us to use and we loved it! With nursing, it was so nice for Anna to be next to me. She actually just started sleeping in her crib this week!


“Sally” Seahorse: Her name is Sally, we decided. Anna loves her and so do we. She sleeps with this singing seahorse every night and it means bed time to her…I think. :) Everyone with a newborn needs a “Sally”.



Chicco Key Fit 30 Car Seat: I really like our car seat and travel system. It’s light. It snaps easily. It is easy to move from car to car. It appears comfy. :) Hopefully we never have to find out how safe it really is. Also, it goes up to 30lbs.




Aden and Ainis Muslin Blankets: I love these! They are great for anything. Anna is at the point where she loves to snuggle with them. I have used them to cozy her, lay on the floor before setting her down, keep the sun off her in the stroller,



Sleepy Wrap or Moby: This is perfect when the baby is tiny! It is also great because you can wear it differently depending on the size and age of the baby. It looks scary at first because it is just a huge piece of fabric, but it amazing! I highly recommend it! Thanks Micca for making me try it!



These are just a few of the many things I use and love! I am so lucky that I was given such great advice and guidance when figuring all of this stuff out!