I got out of bed this morning at 4:52am so I would have a few minutes to have coffee and wake up before teaching my 6am spinning class. It’s early but it’s such a great time of the day. I love that early morning feels like “bonus time” where you can get things done before the world wakes up. It’s the perfect time to get in a workout on a hectic day or just a normal day!

Some mornings are much harder to wake up then others. I think this depends on a lot of things – the most being the weather. If it’s raining or snowing, getting out of bed is the worst. Also, if it’s freezing in your room, your chances of popping out of bed are not as high. 🙂 Here are a few tips for making sure you stick to getting out of bed for an early workout.

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  1. Plan it in your day. Set your alarm and think about the fact that there is not another time in the day to have this “me time”. If you miss it then, your chance for the day may be over.
  2. Lay out your clothes. I always set out all of my clothes the night before and include a sweatshirt. This way I disturb Brady as little as possible and I can quickly get dressed and warmed up in the sweatshirt. I set me clothes in our bathroom so I can just beeline it to the bathroom and get ready rather than search around the dark room for anything.
  3. Set your coffeemaker. If you have a programmable coffeemaker, set it for about the exact time your alarm goes off. This way if you hit snooze, you are likely to smell the coffee and who can resist fresh coffee downstairs.
  4. Do it once and see how good it feels. I always tell my early morning spinning classes that we have done more for ourselves by 7am then some people do for themselves all day. This is such a great feeling. When you go to shower for the day, you feel so energized.
  5. Find a class or buddy worth getting up for. Look on the schedule for a class that your are interested in that is offered early in the morning or find an instructor that you really like. This will give you another bit of motivation to wake up for. If group ex. is not your thing, find a friend or running/walking partner who needs early morning workouts. If you are counting on each other, you are less likely to stay in bed.