It’s time.  It’s time to get back on track.  Time to stop spending 20 min. with a spoon in the peanut butter jar.   Time to get back to blogging.  Time to get back into the workout routine. Time to get back to the basics of healthy eating. 

While I would like to say that I am going to get back to creating new recipes every day and writing about them.  It’s not that time.  It’s not time to spend hours in the kitchen for one meal. 

It’s time to simplify things and streamline the process of feeding my family of 5 (weird :).  It’s time to get healthy meals on the table, in between juggling a newborn, busy toddler and kindergartener.  

So that’s what I am going to do.  I am going to go through my files of 7 years of recipes on the blog, in magazine and on other websites and share how I am working to balance it all.  

There will be new recipes here and there but there will be menu plans and old favorites as well.  

Crazy how life changes and it’s important to figure what it’s time for, for you. 

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