We are holding onto every last warm day and making the most of final moments of summer before the leaves turn.  Last week, Brady was out of town one night so Anna, Kate and I had girls night.  We painted our nails, went for a walk and ate “ice cream” before dinner.  

The whole “ice cream” before dinner was perfect.  Anna was in heaven thinking we were having such a special treat, and I was happily feeding her bananas and blueberries before dinner.  

Take 1…


Take 2…

Fake smiles all around.


Yonanas is an amazing new ice cream making machine that uses real fruit to make soft-serve.  It’s simple to use, easy to clean and turns any frozen fruit into ice cream.  Pretty much any mother’s dream machine. 

For our girls night treat, Anna and I made banana and blueberry soft-serve.  Anna is not a chocolate fan, so I am saving all of the fun combinations that include dark chocolate for a bed-time snack.  

To use the Yonana’s machine, you simply put in the frozen fruit, turn on the machine and out comes delicious soft serve.  


First banana.


And blueberry.


A perfect sweet treat for anyone + everyone. 


I can’t wait to try some other fun combinations like:


Yonanas was sent to me to review.  All opinions are my own.