It’s hard to not have a great easter when you are waking up to this every morning.  


Sun shining in the condo, coffee on the balcony and blue water everywhere.  

It was just before 6 am when we woke up and Anna got started on her search for what the bunny may have left for her.  It didn’t take long before she retrieved her Easter bag from hidden in the tv stand drawer.  


She loved playing with her new playdough, stickers and books whlie we made our plan for the day.  The plan was pretty simple:  playing in the sun, working out and enjoying every last minute of our last day.  

Shortly after 7am Brady and I took off on our run.  We ran about 5 miles – half on the beach and half on the path near the resorts.  It was hot exhausting by the time it was over – but well worth it.  While we were gone, Mimi + Papa and Anna built sand castles on the beach.  Then it was their turn to workout and our turn for pool time with Anna.  

Before we knew it, it was time for the Easter egg around the resort.  We had high hopes for this event. 


We set out with all of the kids, in search for eggs.  


We realized later that we should have been sprinting instead of strolling.


Our first clue that our 2 year old may not be successful was that there were about 40 kids ranging from 1-12 and there were not age groups.  We could have pulled the crazy parent move, and picked Anna and ran with her to find some, but we decided a better solution would have been to bring a few of our own eggs to drop along the way.  


Despite the fact that we found no eggs, we had a great time checking out the grounds 


And talking about how finding eggs isn’t the real purpose or meaning of Easter anyways.  We were both impressed that Anna took it well.  At least she had a cute bag, even if it was empty!


Happy Easter from Ali, Brady, Anna + Baby Hively (due at the end of July!)!