When you think about the new year and the idea of resolutions, lots of things comes to mind. The thought of doing something you haven’t done before, the thoughts of stopping a bad habit, the thoughts of trying something new and the thoughts of losing or gaining something. Sometimes that something is weight, sometimes it’s knowledge or old outgrown clothes, but whatever it is, new years resolutions mean change.

This year I have a few resolutions.

1. Grow as an instructor for group fitness. Continue learning from other great instructor and attend more classes to get ideas!

2. Pour more heart and soul into the blog. Increase posting ideas, write more about fitness since it’s such a huge part of my life, think outside of the box and gain readership and community.

3. Become better at writing recipes. If you have been reading for a while or if you know me at all, you know that I am a get things done person. I am not concerned with little details that slow me down. This is not a good quality for someone who loves to cook and share recipes. While the food usually tastes great, I often pay no attention to exactly what I did to make it. This type of behavior results in recipes that have lines like:

” mix it all together and bake it” – no time, no order of what should go in first, no temperature. I have realized this fault after spending countless hours on my new recipage!!


“some broccoli and a little bit of nutritional yeast and some brown rice” – what kind of ingredient list is this? Are we talking about 1 c. or 1 Tbsp? I always think of my girlfriend Jen’s mom when I write horrible recipes like this because she is an exact measurer and doesn’t know how I can share things like this. 🙂 I need a lesson from her!

So the goal is use measuring spoons and cups when I am experimenting and try writing down my creations. I am not making any promises, but I will give it a shot.

4. Continue growing as a cook. Try new ingredients and learn new techniques.

5. Use my nutrition consultant certification more with clients, friends and readers.

6. Grow the brand.