I have been loving teaching group fitness again! Right now, I am teaching Trim and Tone (total conditioning) class on Wednesday mornings as well as spinning on Monday, Tues, and Thurs.

I try to keep my class format the similar from week to week because people like to have an idea of how class will be set up. To keep things interesting, I change up the actual exercises. This helps to keep people engaged and keep our muscles challenged.

I was still sore on Saturday from Wed. morning’s class. Here is what we did!

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I set up the class by body part. Each exercise is progressively harder than the one before and involves more of you whole body so it gets your heart rate up while focusing on your muscles.

Equipment needed: mat, med. hand weights (dumbells), resistance tube or ring

Warm up (5 minutes)

Upper Body: 3 sets 10 for each exercise

  1. regular push ups
  2. wide arm push ups
  3. push up moving from right to left
  4. mountain climber for 1 min

Inner Thigh/Legs

  1. curtsy lunge
  2. curtsy lunge – holding 8 sec on each side
  3. curtsy lunge with med. hand weights
  4. curtsy lunge – quickly for 1 min


  1. bent over row (right side)
  2. bent over row (left side)
  3. T row balancing on left leg
  4. T row balancing on right leg

Legs (squats)

  1. basic squat
  2. squat with calf raise (alternating)
  3. side to side squat
  4. side to side squat holding the large exercise ball (1 min)


  1. alternating shoulder raise (sitting on exercise ball)
  2. both shoulders raise (sitting on exercise ball)
  3. alternating shoulder raise with squat
  4. both shoulder raise with squat (1 min)

Thighs (using resistance ring around the edge of your feet)

  1. side to side step with ring
  2. step 2 to left, 2 to right
  3. 4 to the left, 4 to the right
  4. hop it side to side (1 min)

Biceps (with dumb bells)

  1. alternating bicep curl
  2. curl half way up
  3. curl half way down
  4. in squat position, quick hammer curls (1 min)


  1. windmill to the left
  2. windmill to the right
  3. alternating windmill
  4. alternating windmill with weights ( 1 min)


  1. 3 sets of tricep dips
  2. 3 sets of tricep dips
  3. 3 sets of tricep dips

Cool down

I realize that you may have some questions and I would LOVE to help you! Email me if you any questions or if something is not clear! Let me know if you try any of this! I wish you could come to my class!