The Bootcamp workout from Tuesday was simple but challenging. It didn’t require anything but a mat or towel on the ground for comfort. (Plus a $20 boombox I got at Target that sounds just as good as you can imagine, and my ipod to blare random upbeat songs from).

I always think working out with friends is more fun than alone, so this is good for a group (but can be done alone, of course). Some of the other benefits of this bootcamp style workout are:

  • you don’t need any equipment except a towel or mat for comfort
  • it’s cardio and toning
  • it can be broken down into different segments
  • you can easily adapt it to be more difficult or easier
  • it’s pretty fast

Since we only had 45 minutes, we didn’t do as much running in between sets as I would have liked us too. Something to work on…

Bootcamp Basic Workout

5 minute run/jog/speed walk for a warmup

Each segment is broken down into 5 exercises that should be done for 30 seconds at a time. If you would like a more challenging and longer workout, increase the time to 1 minute per exercise. The segment (5 exercises) is repeated so you have a total of 5 minutes plus breaks.

Segment 1 – 30 sec. each then repeat for another 30 sec. each

  • high knees
  • push ups
  • push up jumps (burpees?)
  • wide high knees
  • push ups

3 minute run/walk

Segment 2 – 30 sec. each then repeat for another 30 sec. each

  • squats
  • plank hold
  • squat jumps
  • mountain climbers
  • squat shuffle

3 minute run/walk

Segment 3 – 30 sec. each then repeat for another 30 sec. each

  • forward walking lunge
  • tricep dip or push ups
  • lunge jumps
  • side planks (rotating)
  • backwards lunge

5 minute cool down run/walk

Abs – 30 sec. each

  • bicycle
  • plank
  • crunches
  • plank
  • straight leg raise
  • bicycle