So…have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Northstar.  I think I have gotten my parents hooked too.  After the shower Saturday we came home and put everything away and looked at it all!  Then we chilled out and talked about wedding plans with Lindsey and Kevin.  Finally around 7, we got a little hungry so we snacked on appetizers and had a little late happy hour.  At 9, we decided we needed to go to dinner or make something substantial because carrots and crackers weren’t going to act as dinner.  Instead of starting the cooking process, we went to Northstar.  It seemed like a good idea because it was fast and healthy and of course, delicious!

I got some fun pictures of everyone’s meal.  Nothing too new and exciting though.

Brady and my dad had the pork burrito:

My mom and I had the Northstar burger.  🙂


And Kevin and Linds spit the Square meal (a bowl of brown rice, black beans, veggies, salsa, avocado and cheese) and the chicken basil burrito.

I was extremely happy with my choice, as always!

Sunday morning we woke up to sunshine!  It was amazing! It looking like it was 80 degrees outside, when really it was about 20 degrees.  Things did warm up throughout the day though!  Everyone left after a breakfast of egg burritos:

The wraps were made on Flat Out Wraps and the toppings included:

  • eggs
  • egg whites
  • salsa
  • leftover Square Meal from Northstar
  • brown rice
  • cheese
  • black beans
  • corn
  • fresh salsa
  • a new batch of Brady’s guac
  • hot sauce

I went with egg whites, salsa, beans and guac.  I ended up not eating my wrap for some reason.

Brady’s burrito:

Then we spent the rest of yesterday car shopping!  What a painful and exhausting process that is.  We found some more SUV’s we liked but we haven’t committed to anything yet.

This week is busy with something every night!  I am looking forward to it!