We got a lot of snow last night!  If today was a school day, we would have had snow day.  What a waste!  🙂  I came home from school and I crashed on the couch for about an hour in preparation our late night.  When Brady got home, we had a quick dinner – veggie sandwich for me and leftover orzo for him.  Then we headed to our friend Clint’s for a wine party.

We brought the supplies were told to bring – a dish to share (oil/butter free chocolate chip peanut butter bars with chocolate and Reese’s on top), a bottle of wine to share (some random Shiraz I picked up), my alcohol free wine (Fre  Chardonnay) and our wine glasses.

Everyone brought amazing food and tons of wine.  I couldn’t get a picture of everything because there were a lot of things coming and going and tons of people.  I did get quite a few fun pictures!  It was pretty rough not being able to participate!

Such fun bottles!  The food was just as impressive, although I did miss some of it.

One particular dish was very tasty and well made by Chef Aaron: Bruschetta

I was semi-impressed with the alcohol free wine, too!  I just had a little glass then I switched to Pellegrino water for another special drink.  I would recommend it for a little wine taste sometime.  I brought the bottle home to enjoy another time.

Off to make a great breakfast and we have a fun Saturday planned!