There are millions of things I would love to make for friends and family this holiday season, but there isn’t enough time! Here are a few of my favorite ideas. Watch for recipes and photos to come!

1. Chocolate Covered Popcorn. Super simple and gourmet looking! Also, fun to package in a special way.


2. Homemade Strawberry Jam. My Nana’s recipe! So sweet and perfect for a piece of toast or a pb&j sandwich. Something I have grown up with and now can’t live without.

3. Cookies! There are tons of different kinds of cookies I love to make and share. I will post a few of my favorites.

4. Hot cocoa and biscotti. Everyone loves a glass of hot cocoa! Pair a cute glass container with a few pieces of fresh biscotti for a festive gift.

5. Cookies in a Jar. I haven’t made these since I was in high school, but they are great gifts! Supercharge me cookies anyone?!

I plan to put a healthy twist on all of the gifts I give out this season so we will see how that goes!