Banana Nut Cheerios Contest!

Who would like a chance to try the NEW Banana Nut Cheerios?!

There are delicious!  With a hint of real banana flavor, they are lightly sweetened and multigrain!  The banana flavor is natural not fake and artificial tasting.    This cereal would be the perfect addition to a trial mix, a parfait or just a bowl of milk!


To check out more info go to the Cheerios website!


There are two ways to win one of the three packages from Cheerios!

1. Leave a comment on this post!

2. Link back to the contest or the blog!

The packages include a coupon for a free box of Banana Nut Cheerios, a loaf pan, two cereal bowls, and a banana tree with a fruit basket.


135 thoughts on “Banana Nut Cheerios Contest!”

  1. I LOVE Bananas…& Cheerios!…Just need a little chocolate milk and it would be like a bowl of banana split!

  2. i’m not a big banana fan except when they’re in baked goods or sliced up in cereal… this cereal was made for me!

  3. I’ve been eating cheerios my whole life (a lotta years :). Looking forward to trying this new version. I like the trail mix idea!

  4. I have tried these and they are just as good as they sound. It tastes like real bananas and are so satisfying!

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