Starting a new workout regimen but don’t know where to start or how to get motivated? Darren Capik, CEO of Watch It Now Entertainment (WIN), America’s premier fitness production house, has just the answers.

When setting a weight loss goal, or any goal for that matter, it is important to remember that the change does not happen overnight. Weight loss is a steady process and focusing on each achievement along the way is a rewarding part of the ultimate goal! Weight loss starts with tweaking your lifestyle and adding exercise into your regimen. Following are Darren’s tips to kick start your fitness journey:


1)      Consult Your Doctor

If you’ve been inactive for awhile, it’s important to seek advice from your physician to determine what is safe for your body, especially if you just had a baby.

2)      Set a Goal

Setting a goal around weight loss can be tricky. Sometimes people choose unrealistic goals for themselves. Darren suggests setting a workout goal rather than one that revolves around the amount of weight you want to lose. Begin with light 20-minute workouts three times a week for four weeks.  It’s easy to follow and you will feel better because of it.

3)      Make Easy Adjustments to Your Diet

One of Darren’s favorite tips comes from Bob Harper – wake up and before doing anything else, drink a tall glass of water. Within the first hour of waking up, eat breakfast. Both of these easy tips will fuel your metabolism and awaken your internal organs.

4)      Choose Your Favorite Form of Exercise

Do research and choose an activity that you enjoy doing. DVD’s are great for a first-timer because they allow you to exercise confidently in the comfort of your home.

5)      Create a Schedule

Make a calendar that marks when and what you will be doing in your fitness regimen. This will hold you accountable, while also encouraging you to stick to it.

6)      Mix it Up

Varying your routine will not only keep you feeling fresh, but it will also work on different areas of the body, giving you a well-versed regimen.

7)      Choose a Support Group

Grab a friend or family member and jump into it together. This will provide you with inspiration and motivation to keep you going.

8)      Stay Committed and Reward Yourself

If you do not stay committed, nothing will happen. However, it is ok to skip a day every now and then. Don’t get down on yourself but rather forgive yourself in those times. And give yourself credit for the hard work you are doing.  Stay committed, work hard, reward yourself along the way, be inspired and you WILL succeed!