Lately, it seems like my to-do list is never-ending and forever growing. I literally keep a notebook next to my computer, bed, kitchen and car and continuously add to it every hour.

This morning for example, I was getting ready to teach spinning and it was 5:50am. I was all set up and waiting for my class to start so I jotted a good 15 things down. By 6am when the class was ready to go, I had a big list for the morning. At 7am, I flew out of class and ran home to get started. This daily list differs from the weekend (Brady) list and the long-term list.

I have come up with a few techniques that work for getting things crossed off.

1. Stay focused – actually try to stay focused. I know so many times i don’t try as hard as I say or think I am going to.

2. Give yourself breaks and get back to it – If you are making progress and need a break, take one! It won’t hurt if you get right back to it.

3. Use your list and cross things off. Keep your list close by and use it for satisfaction of getting something done.

4. Categorize and tackle each section- Think about your list in terms of categories. Do dishes all together then move to laundry and so on. This will eliminate time wasted getting started on the projects.

5. Take away your biggest distraction. If you are super distracted by the phone or browsing the web then give yourself an hour without that distraction. Spend the time working and you will be shocked by all you get done.