When I was asked to do the Hungry Girl interview (Thank you MyBlogSpark!) I was given a free coupon to try the new Fiber One Yogurt. The yogurt has great nutritional benefits and is Hungry Girl Approved!

Click on the picture below to go to the Fiber One site.


For 50 calories, this snack is packed with fiber and has a few grams of protein. The only downside of this product is the artificial ingredients.

Taste Review




My cousin Emily and I tasted this yogurt and were very impressed. You would never know there was more fiber in it than another flavored fat free yogurt. It was small, but not too small to pack in your lunch or enjoy as a snack with some fruit or granola.

Overall: I would buy this yogurt if I needed to find ways to get more fiber in my diet and I was looking for a small packable treat. I have gotten very used to plain yogurt and seem to prefer it, but this makes a great option for some people.