How sports nutrition can help your training and recovery

October 17, 2014


Before we run the marathon on Sunday, here are some good tips!!


It only takes a little exercise during the day to stay physically fit and mentally healthy. Cycling and swimming or even a quick game of tennis are ideal ways to maintain fitness levels and won’t take up too much time from your schedule.

Active moms will no doubt understand the benefits of energy boosting exercise but it’s also important to ensure that a balanced diet is maintained to help combat fatigue.

Maintaining your energy levels

We all know that running after kids every day combined with work can be exhausting but exercise is a great way to increase energy levels and is a recognised stress reliever. The problem with doing so much throughout the day is that our energy levels become depleted and exercise can easily seem like an additional chore. Sports or going to a fitness centre will provide a blast of energy but the body does need additional fuel and the more you work out the more you need to eat. Sports nutrition products and health supplements taken in moderation are an ideal way to ingest key vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins to ensure you have enough energy before and after exercising.

Quick and easy exercise

You don’t need to pummel your body during a workout and it only takes 15 minutes of cardio-vascular exercise per day to maintain adequate fitness levels. However, if you’re looking to burn off some weight, increase your stamina levels or build-up your fitness you should try to continually increase your workout times. A one hour session, two or three times per week of either cycling, swimming, tennis or brisk walking will definitely bring results within a short space of time. Once you begin to increase your fitness levels you’ll soon find that exercise becomes a welcome part of your day.

Striking the right balance

Getting the balance right in terms of exercise, a good diet, plenty of hydration and adequate sleep is vitally important to your well-being. All of these elements will however, be different for everyone and it’s important to keep a check on how much you exercise in comparison to the type of food and how much of it you eat. A busy mom will find that it’s very easy to simply grab a quick snack throughout the day but this shouldn’t be an alternative to a well-balanced meal every three hours. If you’re intending to exercise you’ll get the most benefit if you increase your food intake and this can easily be achieved through sports supplements to provide the nutrients your body needs.

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore but a fun activity similar to taking a break throughout the day. Whether you work out in the morning or in the afternoon you’ll soon find you have the additional energy needed to power through the rest of the day.       


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