Our Skinny Review

September 22, 2014


I was recently given the opportunity to review the new products from Our Skinny.  

Here is a little information about Our Skinny, from their website: 

  • One simple plan for everyone.
  • Your diet begins with 4 shakes, 1 bar and a healthy meal of your choosing (breakfast, lunch or dinner).
  • Eat on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
  • Expert advice from the weight loss professionals at Ourlife.
  • Phone and email support and our “Get the Skinny” blog.

That means:

  • NO points or calorie counting, just a few simple guidelines.
  • NO prescriptions
  • NO books to read or manuals to study – just one easy-to-read booklet

The benefits of losing weight with OurSkinny can be life-saving. They include:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Improved breathing
  • Decreased stress on joints
  • Improved control of Diabetes and other weight-related medical conditions


The Our Skinny program includes shakes and protein bars, as well as a guide about when and what to eat.  


The shakes are around 100 calories each about come in plastic bottles so all you have to do is add water, or in my case, coffee. 


They offer a variety of bars, all of which are low in fat and much lower in calories than many leading bars.  They are also not very large.  



The first shake I tried was the Cappuccino.  Since it was morning time, I added hot coffee to the shake bottle and shook it up.  It turned in to a creamy and delicous drink.  I loved that it was 80 calories and 15g. protein.  I had this for breakfast with the cinnamon raisin protein bar.  It filled me up without leaving me too full and lasted all morning.  Such a great latte treat!


Here are the pro’s and con’s of the Our Skinny program


  • Taste : so far, everything I have tried tastes great.  Not all protein drinks or bars have a great taste but these really do
  • Convenience:  If you are on the go, these products are ready.  You can throw a few shakes or bars into any bag and have them ready when you need them
  • Flavors: I love the variety of flavors.  The Cappuccino was perfect for a morning protein drink.
  • Purchase Options: I would like to order a box of Cinnamon Raisin bars and a box of Cappuccino shakes, to do so, I can customize my order online or through the phone.  This is a great option.
  • Name: I am not a huge fan of the name – Our Skinny.  It doesn’t send a great message.  Maybe Our Healthy would be better?  Or Our Fit? .
Overall, I love that the products tasted good!  So many nutritional products don’t, but that was not the case with this program.

 I  like that the plan was clearly written out, but it was similar other meal/shake replacement plans.  And I love that it’s easy to take with you on the go!


For more info, check out their website!

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