Guest Hostess’: Erin and Brenna

June 23, 2011


Last weekend we sadly missed one of Kevin and Lindsey’s showers in Chicago. My parents went to Chicago for the weekend and were able to go to the couples brunch shower. The party was hosted by bridesmaids Brenna – Lindsey’s friend from college and Erin – our cousin Brian’s wife and Brian – our cousin and a groomsman.

Erin and Brian are in the middle of the picture (Kev and Linds are on the left).


With Brenna (and dirt cake dessert) and Zack.


They made a delicious spread of food for the party. My parents couldn’t stop raving about it when they got home and showed me the pictures.

Caprese Bites


Fresh pasta salad


Mixed green salad with pear, goat cheese and walnuts


Ham & cheese with onion quiche


Fruit kebabs (in fun shapes!)


Recipe for fruit shaped kebabs from Erin!

All you need is a selection of fresh fruits without seeds, kabob skewers, grapefruit, small pots, and various decorative cookie cutters. Use the cookie cutters & a melon baller to cut the fruit into fun shapes. I kept each fruit separated in bowls so the kabobs were easier to get an even variety of fruits.

  1. Once the fruit is cut, spear the fruits into kabobs.
  2. Leave about two inches free on the pointed end to stick into a grapefruit and a half inch on the other end to easily grab the kabob and enjoy.
  3. Once the skewer is filled, stick it into an available spot on the grapefruit (already in the pot for balance).
  4. Once the grapefruit is filled you have a fun fruit bouquet to display.    )

These make great centerpieces which are also a healthy snack. To add guilty twist you can also dip some of the fruits in chocolate on the double boiler!

Everything looked great, we were bummed we couldn’t make it!
Have you recently hosted a fun party?! Send me a recipe and a photo to share and be the next guest host or hostess!



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