Hostess Hints

1. Cute napkins add a lot to a simple get-together !

2. Doing things ahead of time can make your night a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. For example, cut all of your vegetables, make salad, make most desserts, set the table. You can do many of these things hours before guests arrive.

3. White platters and serving dishes make food stand out! My mom taught me a long time ago to always go with white because then things always match and your food looks more colorful and delicious!

4. Think of your guests needs. When having an outdoor dinner party or cookout make sure to have things like sunscreen or bug spray available.

5. Don’t be afraid to try something new! You never know when you could create something that really works! Most of the time you are having your friends over, so you can all laugh about it if it doesn’t. For example, I recently made tofu-chocolate chip cookies for my guests to try. They were NOT a hit (which is why I didn’t post the recipe) and they were like “ok, Ali you took it too far.” That’s when we headed out for ice cream!