I recently had the opportunity to try and review the awesome products from a company called Purps.  

Purps was formed to create a healthy energy option made with premium organic ingredients that would provide a good option for daily nutrition.  Purps products are formulated using the Proprietary Organic Purple Life Formula that is harvested from this earth and non-GMO, with valuable phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals. 


Purps has some solid foundations, which I love:

The first product I tried was their Hydro.  This product is great for after a hard workout because it’s meant to replace electrolytes and is made with 20%  organic coconut water.  It had a great light flavor and taste, like a better purple sports drink.  It’s slightly sweet with a yummy fruit flavor from the mangosteen, acai berry, maqui berry, blueberry, grape and blackberries. 
Another amazing product is their multivitamin shots.  These are flavored similarly but packed with vitamins.  This little bottle has over 100% of many of the vital vitamins and nutrients we need.


It’s such a simple way to get those minerals and vitamins you may be missing.  And the best part is the size and ease of this product.  It could go into your purse or stay in your office fridge. 



If carrying around a small bottle of Vita doesn’t work for you, Purps comes in small packets as well.  These packets of the VIta can be mixed with water anytime to give you that healthy shot of  vitamins.  These would be simple to stash anywhere and when you buy a pack, it comes with a reusable water bottle as well.  


Overall, I thought these products had great flavor and I loved the values this company is built on.  It’s so hard to know where your vitamins are coming from, and these are very high quality, organic and non-GMO. 

Good stuff.