If you are heading out of town for 4th of July next week, don’t let that be a reason to skip working out.  Try this simple to understand workout to blast some calories and build strength during the busy holiday weekend!


Dynamic Stretch:

– 30 sec. high knees (slow to stretch)

– 30 sec. toe taps (alternate hand to opposite foot)

– 30 sec. hamstring curls


45 sec. of each with 15 sec. rest

  • quick squats

  • push ups (knees or toes)

  • right leg forward lunge

  • left leg forward lunge

  • tricep dips on a hotel chair

  • plank (on hands or forearms)

  • mountain climbers

  • superman (lay on stomach and raise hands and legs out)

  • slow squats

  • full crunches (extend arms behind and legs straight out and then full crunch in)

= 10 minutes

REPEAT for 20 minute workout