As I look back through the blog of our life for the past 5 years, I can say that it serves as a great scrapbook!  I have pictures of fun events and major life changes.  I have recaps of parties and trips, and I have a timeline of the girls growing up.  

In typical fashion, Kate has a lot less posts.  She’s the second baby and even though I said I wouldn’t do it… I am guilty of not having my camera flashing 24/7.  

I am guilty of not spending the time on writing posts because I would rather spend the time playing.

 I am guilty of doing 19208583 other things in the few minutes of nap time I have, mostly because we need to function.  And although the blog is wonderful, it doesn’t help our daily life function. 🙂  

I wish it did.  I wish it did dishes and laundry and cleaned floors.  Some days I wish the blog could play dress up and dolls. 

So I wanted to spend a minutes to share a few pictures of how Kate is growing up before our eyes.  

Kateorade, as we call her on a daily basis, is a whopping 15 lbs at over 9months old (that’s tiny). 

She is pulling herself up to stand at any chance she gets.  

IMG 4228

She is eating anything she can get her hands on.  From salmon to cauliflower, green beans to tofu, she loves it all.  

IMG 4262

She has almost started whipping up her own creations! 

IMG 4374

Driving the cul-de-sac is one of her favorite outdoor activities.  

IMG 4400

And being cute, also comes in high on the list of things Kate does well.  

IMG 4320

She is  “Super Baby” everyday.  

IMG 4249