In the spring of 2010 Brady and I signed up to run the Columbus Marathon.  We were living in Columbus and it was on our bucket list  of life so we decided to go for it.  We figured it would be a great time to train and cross it off the list.  Everything was going as scheduled until we found out that we were pregnant with Anna Banana.  This altered the running schedule and changed our plans, for the better.  

We ended up running the half marathon that fall – I was almost 5 months pregnant.



Then we tabled the goal and idea of running a marathon.  We were busy with Anna and I couldn’t get back into the idea of starting over with the training.  Since then, we have run 3 or 4 half-marathons (the perfect far distance in my opinion – long enough to be a huge accomplishment and not so long that you have to train for hours and hours), but the goal has never come off of our list.  

So this spring, after a few glasses of wine with Ashley and John, we decided we would just sign up and do it.  

Kate will be 1 at end of July, I will be done nursing and we might as well get it done! 


There is never going to be a perfect time so now seemed like as good a time as any.  


We are going to follow a loose 24 week training schedule that will take us from now until October.  The plan is going to be based on a 3-day running week plan from Hal Higdon.  This plans seems most doable for our lifestyle.  

We kicked it off yesterday, on Mother’s Day, with a 6 mile family run in my new Mother’s Day present shoes!  I will be posting weekly updated of the training plan for the week.  Starting today!