Our fun in San Diego continued on through Saturday, where we went to an event in downtown San Diego hosted by Bumble Bee Foods.  The lunch event was the reason we traveled to San Diego and Bumble Bee Foods made it possible for us to go and stay for the weekend.  I have been working with them throughout the year as a member of the Bee Squad. This event was a chance for us to sit down together with their marketing team, Bee Squad bloggers Heather + Dorothy, and their celebrity chef, Scott Leibfired.  Bumble Bee generously invited Brady and the girls to the lunch event, and made everyone feel very welcome.

Below:  Bumble Bee Foods Marketing Team: Jennifer + Dave, me, Chef Scott Leibfried, Heather, Dorothy, Hannah, and Chris

Sandiego 1

The event took place at an amazing residential space right in the heart of downtown San Diego.


From the space, we could see into Petco Park – Home of the Padres.



The views were so fun to see from the outdoor kitchen patio.


Of course the food was amazing.  A simple but beautiful display of fruit, nuts, cheese and crackers was one of the first things we dove into.


Anna loved watching Heather and Dorothy in action.


A colorful white bean hummus platter topped with Bumble Bee Sun Dried Tomato Tuna was another appetizer.


Jalapeno Tuna Pot Stickers that were simple to put together and packed with flavor were coming out hot as we chatted and got to know each other.  This recipe will be on the blog soon!


Chipotle Samosas filled with tuna, peas and onions.


Besides the food, the people were the best part of the lunch.  I loved getting to know Chef Scott.  His experience and expertise landed him a recurring role as Sous Chef alongside Michelin-rated Chef Gordon Ramsey on Fox’s hit television show “Hell’s Kitchen” for 10 seasons. He was also the Lead Chef Advisor for the “Kitchen Nightmares” series.

Chef Scott is part owner of Arch Rock Fish, an East Coast/West Coast casual seafood restaurant located in Santa Barbara, Calif. While overseeing his own restaurant, Scott continues to work as a Chef Advisor for many other independent establishments.

He was very down-to-earth and easy to talk to.  After watching him prepare the dishes in the kitchen, he opened up with us about everything from his experience working on Kitchen Nightmares, to Thanksgiving dinner with his family.  We also talked about the importance of being able to make a simple (but good) dinner with little work and few ingredients.  It is obvious that Chef Scott understands the importance of being able to provide your family with a healthy dinner in a short amount of time .   I also really enjoyed hearing about the plans for his new fast casual restaurant he is launching in New York.



The rest of the meal included more Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Gourmet Flavors.


And the recipes will be shared this upcoming week!


Thanks to Bumble Bee Foods for the fabulous lunch + trip to sunny San Diego!