The week in review via the iPhone:

Our weather has been like this every day all day this week – mid 70’s and sunny. It could not be nicer, now we just need it to stay….forever.

IMG 2532

I made a cake for Brady’s cousin’s gender reveal party.  It was a white cake that I frosted white and decorated with pink and blue dots.  The inside was filled with blue icing because they are having a baby BOY!!!   It was so much fun! 

IMG 2550

We had a fun dinner at Hallie and John’s house, where Anna got to play with their nephew, Danny.  Can you tell they had a blast! 

Brady said there are only a few more years before the no blankets with boys rule goes into effect. 

IMG 2543

Lots of yard work was accomplished with these little muscles.

IMG 2541

Including spreading 8 yards of mulch.  I can’t say I even lifted a single shovel full this year, luckily Anna filled in my place.

IMG 2537

We have eaten many lunches together on the deck this week.  

My lunch – an ugly mix of sauteed broccoli slaw, Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs and avocado on a bed of romaine. 

Anna’s lunch – eggs, cucumber and a string cheese.

IMG 2514

We have mastered this new puzzle that Barb and Shelby gave Anna for her birthday!  

IMG 2515

And my tummy is still growing!  I thought I had a good 27 week picture but I cut off my head on it….

and also it was at 5:15 am with no makeup or anything done to my wild hair. I will try harder for a real one next week!   I can’t believe that 27 weeks are gone and I am just about to start my 3rd trimester.  In some ways, it seems like we just found about baby #2. And then when I think about the fact we found out Thanksgiving weekend, that seems like years ago.  

Anyway,  I am still teaching 4 of my classes and planning on cutting down in the next few weeks.  I have been having bad sciatica pain and am hoping that cutting down a little will help.  It’s worth a shot at this point.  🙂  

As far as food goes, nothing really is off limits to my taste but my desire for chicken and turkey has subsided.  I still like it, but I am not wanting it everyday like I was for a while.  Not sure what that means. 🙂  

Also, the Sweedish fish addiction has kicked up. 

IMG 2552

We are in the process of narrowing down names and have about 3 boys and 3 girls that are in the running as of now.  Any good suggestions?

How was your week?