Part of the fun of vacation is eating at different restaurants and trying new places.  We had some delicious dinners in Cancun at some of our favorite restaurants.  Specifically, Puerto Madero and Hacienda Sisal are two we love to visit every year.

Sometimes though, it’s easier to skip getting dressed up and taking your 2 year old to a restaurant.  It’s easier to shower off the sunscreen and sand, and throw on your jammies and eat on the balcony. Plus it can be and fun to create something together in your condo with limited ingredients from the resort market store.

Here’s an easy way to do it:

1. Assess your ingredients and theme. Pick something that can be customizable to everyone’s likes.

It’s easy to go with Mexican when you are in Mexico.  The spices are there, the ingredients are there and it’s easy to get in the mood. Pick up things you can use immediately.  We have a limited grocery store in our resort – it’s small but has all of the essentials you’d need.

2. Shop for your ingredients.  For the 5 of us, we bought:

  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 jar of mexican spice (a blend of lime, chili and other spices and our favorite spice that we stock up on while we are there)
  • 1 bag of frozen shrimp – there is Costco in Mexico and our resort carries Kirkland brand shrimp
  • 1 pack of tortillas
  • 1 block of cheese
  • 1 can of black beans – the best I’ve had!
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 container of fresh pica de gallo
  • 1 container of fruit – from the resort take-out


3. Start washing and chopping.

We scrubbed our peppers to make sure they didn’t have any residue on them.  Then we chopped all of the peppers, onions and cheese.


4. Assemble your ingredients and start cooking.

We picked things that were simple to put together so our meal seemed to be no-work – black beans, pica de gallo, fruit, chips, etc.  Then all we had to cook were the veggies and shrimp.  We broiled the cheese melts for about a minute to melt the cheese and crunch them up as well.



5.  Get the details and extras of the meal set out.

This was easy – a bowl of fresh avocado to top the fajitas or salads and a container of fresh salsa.


6.  Set out an assembly line of food.

This way people can decide how they want to enjoy their dinner.  I went with salad while Brady + my dad choose to make fajitas, and my mom made a toastada with an open faced tortilla.  We had a few bites of everything on Anna’s plate.


7.  The final product.

A healthy home cooked meal!


Perfect with a Corona, a cold margarita or Coca Cola Light!


And full of good energy we needed for playing in the waves and making sand castles.