When I am not in the middle of teaching classes, training or cooking, Anna runs the show.  She keeps us on our toes, helps us with everyday things, and is always wanting to learn.  She doesn’t except generic answers to her many questions but instead wants real details.  She always needs to know who is on the phone and why they called.  She is constantly working to understand connections and relationships between people.  

Day to day fun includes playing games with letters  – this day Anna searched between all of the Bananagrams to find the letters in order.  


Dress up and dumping toys is a huge hit at our house.  Everything from fun glasses, to Mimi’s skirts – Anna loves to try things on herself and others!


Baking and cooking are some of her favorite activities.  She often reminds me to add vanilla or cumin to anything we are making.  And she is better at measuring than me!


Being outside is rare these days, but if we get any sunshine – despite the freezing temps, we are outside playing. 

IMG 2216

IMG 2213

Playing. Playing. Playing.  We had a birthday dinner at my parents on Sunday to celebrate Brady’s birthday.  Before we let the cousins take off and play, Aunt Cindy sat them all down for a discussion of rules.  Their ages range from 0-6 – with one kid each year and they all did a great job of coming up with a rule.  

IMG 2210

IMG 2207

It’s amazing to see how much she has changed in the past year!

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