I was recently contacted about checking out the site:  Real Food Moms – a site for moms that gives tips on how to feed your kids real food and improve your life.  The site is great – filled with lots of ideas, resources and inspiration.  

The founders of the site have written a book called: 

Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler: from first foods to meals your child will love. 


If you are able, making your child’s baby food is a great way to make sure they are getting introduced to all different fruit and veggies, spices and real food.  I found that when I made Anna’s food, I could make sure she wasn’t eating preservatives and things that she didn’t need to be eating, especially at such a young age.  

I often turned to different books for ideas, and information about the right times to feed her different foods and combinations I should try with her.  This book is a great resource for all mom’s – whether you plan to make all of your baby’s food or just a few things.  

I really liked how it started with information about  breastfeeding and different formulas.  Then it went into discussing when and how to introduce real foods.


The book does a good job of covering strategies for teaching kids about eating too.  This is something that most moms need a little information on because we often don’t know what to do when a child refuses to eat something and how to handle it. 


I like how the book has many easy to read and understand tables throughout it.  There are clear instructions for how to reheat things and easy-to-read- charts and timelines for quick reference.



Overall, I thought this book was full of great info and would be an asset to any baby book collection!  It would make a great book to give at a shower or pick up if you are stuck with ideas of what/how to start feeding your baby. 



Check it out on Amazon:

Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler

by: Jeannette L. Bessinger BCHHC & Tracee Yablon-Brenner RD      

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