Send Off to Switzerland Party

It’s a sad day and a happy day for our good friends, Adam + Allison and their two girls Morgan (2) and Madison (1).  They are off on a incredible new adventure: moving to Switzerland!  It will be an amazing experience, we just wish they could stay! 

Last weekend, to celebrate, we had a surprise going away party for them!  They thought they were just coming over to a low-key dinner but that was hardly the case.  

7 two year olds 

2 one year olds 


1 6-week old

15 adults

2 babysitters 

= a great time!

I went with a red and white theme in honor of their new home country.  


Luckily, Swiss flags are not difficult to make. 


And of course I had to dress Anna to match the party!  She was rocking her little Swiss dress Mimi got her. 


Before everyone arrived, I got things ready for the kids to make turkeys.  It was a simple craft that they had fun putting together.  


When the guests of honor arrived, they were suprised and excited.  

Weeks before the party I didn’t know how I would keep the party a secret, but as it got closer and Allison got more busy with the move – it was so fun to have a little surprise planned!



And it worked out perfectly that Adam’s sister, Rachel, was in town from NYC!


The girls had no trouble loving each other up. 


And chowing down at the kids’ table.


Pizza, apple slices, Honest juice boxes and squeezable yogurts to go around.


Plus a little Pirate Booty for fun.



 After the kids ate dinner, they went downstairs with our babysitters that we had come to do crafts and play with them while we ate.  It was the perfect solution to having a family party and the feeling of an adult party.  If the kids needed something they would come upstairs, but they were all happy to have play downstairs while we had a chance to talk and eat.  

I highly recommend it!

 I reheated and cooked our dinner while the kids were eating so it was ready when we were.  

We had Swiss Chicken – to go with our theme.  This is thin sliced chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing and rolled in breadcrumbs with a thin slice of ham + cheese.


 Butternut squash quinoa was an easy and festive side dish. 


And Cindy made these fabulous Hasselbeck Roasted Potatoes with sour cream topping.  Recipe this week – in time for Thanksgiving!


Cindy also made these fabulous brussel sprouts that I posted about here — RECIPE! 


Everyone was happy, except for the fact we were losing our friends to a far away country!



It’s not a party without a cake, and this one had to go with our theme – buttercream + sour cream vanilla layer cake.


Now, if only they would come back!

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