After teaching so many classes during the week, I sometimes find it hard to make myself do another circuit workout.   I usually choose to just run on my off days from teaching but sometimes your body just needs a hard circuit to get it done fast.  One of my favorite ways to beat workout boredom is to play workout games.  

Remember when I wrote about Workout MotivationTips, I shared a game I often play when I head out for a run.  Here are the rules:

I tell myself I have to run until someone calls me – then I get to walk and talk! This works great! I hope someone will call me throughout the whole run and if no one has, then I have finished my run!! If someone does, then I’m out walking while talking. It’s a win-win situation! (Sometimes I call everyone I can think of before I run and hope that they return my call while I am running.)

I also love to play games with my personal training clients.  Sometimes I set up outdoor obstacle courses with their own personal cheer leader: 

IMG 1713

 The workout of this week is a really fun “game”.  It will kick your butt and leave you sweaty and full of endorphins! Numbers Circuit