With reports projecting at least 44 percent of U.S. adults could be obese by 2030, it’s a good idea to consider alternatives to sugary drinks, as well as a healthy diet and exercise program. That is reasoning behind why Activate was created.   ·     

It is a sugar and calorie free with your beverage line of drinks. Naturally sweetened with stevia, the drinks are also packed with a daily dose of vitamins that are released with a simple twist of the cap and come in flavors like exotic berry, lemon lime and blueberry pomegranate.

I was intrigued when I got the package of Activate in the mail to review. I was not sure how it was going to work.


I liked the square bottle and the unusual cap and was very intrigued with the directions.

Twist. Shake. Open.


When I followed the directions a little burst of vitamins and flavor were sent into the drink to flavor and color it. Anna and I sipped it to taste and were pleasantly surprised. It is sweet and I could tell it was with stevia and it did have a slight mineral taste because their are real vitamins in it, but it was good.

After trying the blue, I liked it better than yellow but I appreciate all that each bottle has to offer.


Since trying this last week, I have seen them in stores. I think they would be great with a little seltzer added to make it sparkling!  And was happy Anna liked it!

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