I recently had a chance to try Infuse Your Mood Tea, a new product from Sun Chlorella. I was excited when it got a little more chilly and I was in the mood for a cup of tea.


Infuse Your Mood Tea is a 100% natural, caffeine-free beverage that contains Eleuthero, a herb that gives your body a natural energy boost, decreases stress, and supports your body’s fight against the ill-effects of modern living — without dangerous side effects. Other benefits of the tea include:
• Enhances inner calm and focus• Heightens sense of well-being • Improves concentration and memory• Provides a renewed sense of peace and tranquility • Supports physical endurance
I thought it had a great flavor and loved a cup to warm me up and keep me going in the late afternoon. My afternoon coffee is a favorite treat for me, but I am trying to cut back on it so this is a great replacement!