Flashback to Friday (8/24) around noon. After the 7.5 mile run, we all took a much needed shower and glammed up for an afternoon with the girls.

Ashley and her mom held a bridal luncheon at Rigsby’s Kitchen on High Street. It was the perfect location for a fun lunch to get the celebration started! The weather was perfect and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.




The restaurant is the perfect combination of swanky and classic. The front is naturally well-lit while the back is cozy and intimate. Rigsby’s is located in the center of the Short North and it a great lunch, dinner or happy hour spot.



Upon sitting down, we went around the table introducing ourselves and sharing our connection with Ashley. I love telling the story of how we first met.

Brady and John had recently started working together (their first jobs out of college). They had just gotten back from 2 weeks in New York City where they were drinking, going out and being crazy together training. I had already heard so many great things about John, who had quickly become Brady’s new BFF and was excited to meet Ashley at a work happy hour. Since it was our first professional social event since college, you can imagine how stressed I was trying to figure out what to wear. I wanted something cute but casual, fun but semi-professional, summery but not too summery, etc. I finally decided on a classic black shirt and white skirt.

I walked into Bar Louie to meet Brady and his co-workers and was pleasantly surprised to meet Ashley, wearing the exact same outfit as me! We became instant friends and the rest is history!

[End story and back to the luncheon…]

Ashely with her new mother-in-law, sister-in-law and aunt-in-law!


The MOG + MOB.


Beautiful cousins + aunts from Minnesota and Washington DC



More fabulous cousins from Tennessee



And the newest addition to their family, Baby Seb. 🙂


After great conversation, crisp white wine and the most delicious bread baskets, we were ready for lunch.

Chait, Jackie and I shared bites of each other’s dishes.

The crabcake was a big hit at the table and you can see why.


But I thought my salmon with grilled romaine + the most delicious tomatoes was a winner.


After lunch, Chait, Jackie, Elyse and I jumped in the car and headed to get our nails done!


Minor sunglasses mishap occurred.


But nothing that distracted us from relaxing, chatting wedding and getting super excited for the upcoming events.

My poor pedicure lady asked me if I was a runner…not sure that is a compliment when someone is looking at the bottom of your feet.
When our nails were polished and we had iced coffees in hand we went to check in to the hotel. We found Mitt Romney + his security were checking in the same time.
I am sure he wasn’t welcomed with these adorable hotel bags, like we were!


Loved the stickers.


Packed with delicious goodies!