(the third one was in my dvd player!)


I was recently sent the Pop Physique DVD collection to review and was so excited when they arrived!

Pop Physique is a blend of ballet, Pilates and lightweight work incorporated with use of the ballet barre. The exercises and movements consist of strength work, isometrics, core-work and stretching that guarantee long, lean muscles. The combination of the exercises in a Pop Physique class target specific muscle groups and relives pressure from joints.

The integration of ballet in the workout is accompanied by ballet-style music that enhances the elements of ballet (i.e. form and movement). The ballet barre style exercises are great for creating core strength and aligning your spine.


The DVD’s are great because you can do them anytime and a great without leaving your house. These are perfect for adding into your routine. I do so many high impact exercises, this style of exercise is just what I need to add to my life.

Here is a little more information:

The rapidly-growing phenomenon that is sculpting butts, lengthening limbs and strengthening muscles is now available at home. The three-disc series from renowned studio Pop Physique appropriately features the titles “Hardcore,” “Original Butt,” and “Cardio Butt School.”

Butt School has quickly become an addiction for attendees. Its fast-paced movements that result in a toned body and clear mind make working out fresh and exciting. The at-home curriculum grants access to the popular workouts offered at studios that leaves the body begging for more through challenging strength and conditioning movements.

The Pop Physique mission is to foster a healthy body and mind by reshaping the present body rather than trying to acquire a new one. Set to a compelling mix of inspirational music, this upbeat program works every muscle group, creating the structure and appearance of a lean dancer’s physique. For popped muscle tone and definition, dancers can easily incorporate light weights and chair exercises into the routines.

The moves featured in the dvd are great for building core strength, lower back strength and flexibility.

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For more information about Pop Physique, please visit www.popphysique.com.