It’s no surprise that I am not a big yoga girl. I want to be, but I am just right now. I wish I was, but I am not. I like to try classes and should be doing it more than I am because I like it when I go but I always spend way more time jumping around, cycling or running.

When I got My Yoga Loop in the mail to review I was looking forward to it because I thought, “this will be another good reason for me to start doing more Yoga.” I have a mat and there are lots of great studios near by.


And so after vacation, I am going to try to add a yoga class to my week. A hot, sweaty, make your legs shake class that will feel good and be good for me.

In the mean time, I have been trying some Yoga Downloads, and using the Yoga Free App. on my phone once in a while. I really like how My Yoga Loop works to stretch me, help try a pose and carry my mat. The loops on each end adjust to fit on a mat or be used as a prop.

How to Use MyYogaLoop™

MyYogaLoop™ can be used as a strap to wrap and carry your mat. With the easy-to-slide buckles, MyYogaLoop™ can be adjusted to a length that is a comfortable fit on your shoulder.

MyYogaLoop™ can be used as a prop to assist when hands are not able to grasp each other. Therefore this helps you to expand, open and blossom in your pose.

MyYogaLoop™ can be used to loop your feet, allowing you to hold the pose longer so that you can feel the healing effects.

MyYogaLoop™ to Carry Your Mat…

  • Loosen both loop ends.
  • Slide a loop over each end of the mat.
  • Pull strap tightly and adjust buckles.

MyYogaLoop™ as a Hand Prop…
Grab the loop behind your back with both hands as close together as comfortable to perform your pose.

MyYogaLoop™ as a Foot Prop…

  • Wrap one loop end around your foot.
  • Hold strap to desired length to perform the pose.


I think it would be a great gift for a Yoga Lover or Beginner.