When there are more important things going on than baking, it’s important to keep things simple.


Thanks to Duncan Hines for sending my a coupon to try some of their products. They are dependable, crowd pleasing and versatile!

And they made delicious cake balls (lower in fat than regular!) Here is how that went down.

1. Assemble ingredients and bake a cake. You could follow the directions but they call for lots of oil and lots of eggs, so you can always modify it to make it more healthy with these steps.

Mix: 1 box of Spice Cake mix with 1 can of pumpkin and 1/2 can of water.

Pour into a greased 9×13 and bake as directed.


The mixture will be a little thicker than usual and taste better because there is are no eggs in it!


When the cake is done baking. Let it cool then break it up into tons of little pieces – basically crumble it into a bowl. It’s ok to think this feels weird.


Then stir in about 1/2 a container or more of cream cheese frosting. You could also use real cream cheese mixed with a little sugar if you wanted.


When the mixture is complete, roll small cake balls of the mixture. You can dip them into more frosting or chocolate or you can sprinkle them with sprinkles!


Enjoy with a big glass of almond milk!