I am getting ready to teach my spinning class this afternoon but I wanted to give you a simple and tasty recipe to make next time you have a lot of people for dinner.


Pesto Tortellini

  • 1or 2 packages (depending how many people you have) of tri-color cheese tortellini
  • 1 jar of pesto (or homemade)
  1. Make tortellini as directed.
  2. When it has been drained and it’s still warm, stir a jar of pesto into the warm pasta
  3. Serve warm or room temperature.

To make this more of a complete meal for a weeknight dinner, add grilled veggies and/or chicken to the dish and serve with a salad and some Pinot Grigio. There is a similar recipe in Eating Well.

Random Picture of the Day: A flower from Dr. Mettee’s garden last spring!


What simple but tasty recipe do you like to make when you are having a lot of company?