I have recently gotten a few questions about what Anna is eating now so I thought I would show her plate from dinner last night. Last night I made grilled cheese sandwiches on a super seedy multigrain bread from La Brea (Costco), Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato Soup and kale chips. It was a great meal for Brady and I and part of it could be shared with Anna.

Anna is almost a year(April 21st) and is eating small bits of whole foods at every meal. She recently transitioned from pureed fruits and veggies but still eats applesauce or pureed pears/prunes. She loves to feed herself the real bites of food that we are enjoying and will open her mouth to try anything you are having. She is definitely a baby foodie. Just this weekend she wanted to try the Indian spiced chickpeas I had added to my salad – and she loved them! There isn’t much she doesn’t like.

This plate is a pretty typical dinner for her. She usually has some type of bean or lentil (for protein and because she LOVES beans!), a green veggie (there aren’t any that she doesn’t like right now), some grain or sweet potato and a fruit. She loves fresh avocado so anytime we have some, she has that as well. I also added a couple kale chips to her plate after Itook the photo, but didn’t want to give her many because they had salt on them. Don’t you love those little chubby baby fingers!


Some of her favorite foods right now are:

  • Yogurt: she LOVES yogurt! Yo Baby or Chobani Champions are the kinds I usually give her but she even likes plain!
  • Beans – white, black, kidney, chickpeas, lentils – any type
  • Avocado – she will squeal if you give her avocado or if she sees it and you haven’t given it to her yet!
  • Fruit – pears, cantaloupe, apple, oranges – any kind
  • Broccoli – she takes after her mom on this

What is your baby/kids eating right now? Any foods that surprise you?