Friday night we had everyone over for our annual beer tasting party. This is one of my favorite parties that we have because it is so much fun and involves an activity(I am all about activities, planned games and competitions with groups of people). The only hard part is that Brady and I are pretty busy with the pouring and serving of the beer – then tallying of the scores, so we don’t up mingling until the tasting is over. But we don’t mind at all because we all have so much fun!  We are thinking about doing a wine tasting party in the spring!  I think it’s a great idea! Everyone could bring a different bottle and do a similar thing!

Here is how it works:

1. When your invite your friends, tell them to bring a non- traditional beer – at least a 6-pack (see the previous post for all of the variety we had!!)

2. Set up a fun centerpiece! We used 40s (thanks for the great idea, Mom!). When you go to buy your 40s, make sure to bring your baby and your mom and make sure to stand in front of the beer analyzing it for color and shape for a good 15 minutes before filling your cart. Also make sure your 40s can fit a candle in the top (most will). 🙂



3. Buy a large number of small dixie cups and label them with a letter. This should be done ahead of time because it takes longer than you would think.


4. Set out your trays that you are going to use to serve the beer. The best trays to use are plastic (so they are lightweight) and have an edge so when you spill some beer it doesn’t go all over.


5. Label your platters when you set up your table(as you should for all parties!) 🙂


6. Ask people to save their beer caps for next year’s centerpiece, so you don’t have to use wine corks for the beer party! 🙂



7. Make and ask a few of your great friends to make some simple and absorbing foods to snack on.

Pepperoni and spinach bread


Chips and salsa


Beer Cheese dip


We also had soft pretzels with mustard and brie with apricot preserves.


8. If you have any friends celebrating their birthday, make them a beer shaped cake!


9. Have your auditor husband make a beer rating guide on Excel. Make sure to put a key of what means best and worst.


10. When a majority of the guests arrive, have them place two beers in the kitchen and the rest on the deck. Assign each person’s beer a secret letter (in random order) then start the pouring.


10. Have the guests rank the beers as they go! When they are all done, add up the points. The beer with the most points wins the annual trophy to take home for a year and bring back to next year’s party!

2010 Winner (out of 18 different kinds)
brought by Kenny!!