With the release of Caitlin’s book Operation Beautiful this week, and her appearance on the Today Show, I thought it would be a great time to talk about her mission. Her mission is to help people change the way they think of themselves. Meaning, get away from negative thinking and start thinking positively about yourself and your body.


After having Anna, my view of myself and my body changed drastically. I totally forgot about working out for about 5 weeks after she born because I was so consumed with her and making sure my body was able to do everything it needed for her. When I did start working out again – running, a little elliptical, walking – I did it more for my mind than anything else. I have been so used to the endorphin “high” you get from working out that I needed it. It made me feel good to start running again! I realized the better I feel, the better I take care of Anna. So working out or being active is a priority for me and for us (I usually take her with me outside running).

This got me thinking about what I want to teach my 3 month old daughter Anna about the way she sees herself. I want her to be confident in herself as a person and a curious little girl. When she grows up, I want her to be able use her strengths to do whatever she wants to do!


Like Mama Pea, I think Operation Beautiful will be a perfect opportunity to teach Anna about appreciating herself and others. Places Post-it notes with positive messages around will be a fun activity for us to do to spread kindness. I am adding the Operation Beautiful book to her collection now (next to her other favorites – Is Your Mama a Llama and One Fish, Two Fish). It may seem premature, at 3 months old, but I know we will have fun reading it together in the far too near future.