Saturday was my first baby shower!  My girlfriend Jen threw the shower for me and it was so nice!  We had delicious food, great company, adorable gifts and so many fun treats!  Her menu was perfect for a early spring lunch, and it couldn’t have been presented better!  Jen is my go to girl when it comes to hostessing.  🙂

Classic Egg Salad sandwiches on sweet rolls.

Veggies and Greek Hummus

My favorite lemon bread turned into sandwiches with cream cheese in the middle.  Plus this amazing raspberry shortbread cheesecake bar that I need to get the recipe to!

Chicken Salad Croissants

One of my favorite (I have a lot of favorites!) treats!  Gourmet sweet popcorn from the North  Market in downtown Columbus.

Amazing fruit!  I could have eaten this entire bowl.  This baby makes me crave fruit so much!

Jamie’s fabulous salad with blue cheese on the side so you could add your own


Duck cookie favors with the plates and silverware

Duck cupcakes made with cupcakes and donut holes for the head – so creative!

Bethany made the centerpiece.  A diaper cake with lots of fun things: blankets, toys, hats, booties, outfits, and bibs!

Thanks so much Jen!  We can’t wait until Hadley (3 months) and Baby H can play!