One of my projects this weekend was to clean out our spice cupboard. It is a mess! It’s impossible to get to anything and I have no clue what is in it. So… Here is a picture of the second to worst shelf I have (the first was emptied before I thought of the camera).

As you can see, no one would be able to easily use this cupboard.


The messiest cupboard was emptied to this…All of the contents went onto the counter to be sorted and evaluated.


I also cleaned the cupboard before refilling it. 🙂

Here are the spices that were jammed into my little cupboard:


That is a ridiculous amount of spices for two people to have. So I sorted them into groups so I could find out which ones were duplicates.






So after I removed all of the doubles – it still looked like this…


I ended up putting one double of each spice in this basket and moving them to a shelf in the basement. Then I combined a few other doubles like sesame seeds and threw a bunch more away.

Finally, I could refill the cabinet.


Baskets and boxes are the key to organization!


And finally the spice cabinet now…


And we still have room! Maybe I will move the coffee over?! The possibilities are really endless. 🙂

Next on the nesting list:

  • The tupperware cabinet
  • My sock drawer
  • My classroom