It was a long day at school! Lots of changes were made and things were pretty busy. I made it through though, and I made it through a meeting that lasted until 5pm. I was rewarded for my long day with dinner at Northstar Cafe – one of my favorite restaurants.

Northstar is a healthy, local restaurant with tons of fun things to order. I always stick to my favorite – the Northstar burger. This burger is made of brown rice, black beans and beats. It is AMAZING!

Check out my full recap and review of the restaurant here!


Put together:


I recently found a recipe that claims to have recreated this meatless burger masterpiece so I plan on trying it soon!

Gaining Green Update:

This dinner was planned before the challenge began and it totally fits our going out criteria – having fun with friends (especially friends I haven’t seen a lot lately!) and eating good food you couldn’t make better at home! I hate going out to eat and having a so-so meal that you could make better or more healthy at home. What a waste! We use going out to dinner as a time to have fun with friends or family, try different foods or celebrate something!