This weekend we headed up to my parents house in Chagrin Falls for some quality family time. They were coming back from Mexico and my papa and aunt and uncle were in town visiting my cousin and her husband (who are having a baby in June).

The projects of the weekend included getting the baby room ready (putting up crown molding, etc) and planning the shower (Sunday, April 19th). It was a productive weekend and included a feast for Saturday night dinner.

Since my parents were not planning on hosting 12 people for dinner approximately 45 min. after returning from their vacay in paradise, I had to take charge. My cousin Cindy and I did the menu – the goals were:

  1. easy and quick
  2. healthy and colorful
  3. low in sugar for Papa
  4. prepped before leaving for the airport

Place setting:


All goals were met with this meal:

  • Grilled Veggies on Kabobs (onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms, zuc. with balsamic vinagrette)
  • Rosemary balsamic turkey tenderloin
  • Roasted asparagus with parmasean quinoa
  • Salad


Grilled Veggies:


Rosemary Balsamic Turkey Tenderloin


Roasted Asparagus with Parm. Quinoa (Recipe posted!)




The Sisterhood: My mom (in the middle) and my Aunt Marilyn on the left, Aunt Sharon on the right.


Papa, my mom and I


My dad (on the left) and Uncle Jim


The Mom and Dad to Be (in June)! Cindy (my cousin and her husband) Tom

A weird picture of Brady and I


Today was spent prepping for the baby shower – it’s in two weeks! I will post pictures soon! We have a great centerpiece planned and some wonderful food!